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February 21, 2015

Unfortunately we have to report that work has now started on the new housing estate on Farmland (Durrington’s greenbelt) north and west of the Tesco Extra.
Of course it remains to be seen what affect all those new houses and people will have on the area but I guess Tesco will be very pleased that their store will now become more viable. Less can be said for property values boarding the site or along adjacent local roads that the building site traffic will use.
Then there is the loss of the fertile farmland so important to feed an ever increasing population. The wildlife, the landscape, the sheer beauty of the area that our community cherish. All will be gone under tarmac and structures.

Some of you may have seen the conversation that has been going on between a resident and a councillor on Durrington Streetlife  regarding the provision of Doctors for the area. It was reported that as there is already a 4 week wait for a Doctors appointment what will happen when all the extra people move into the area?

Well the councillor thought a new surgery was being built after all the houses were built, however it then transpired that only land had been reserved, but the money to build the surgery had not. So what will happen if it’s not built? Clearly existing surgeries will be put under even more pressure resulting in ever longer waiting times to see a Doctor. But wait for it, if the surgery is not built within 3 years the land reverts back to the developers – for more houses and people?

The Streetlife conversation also lists some of the council papers containing the background to granting permission for this folly. For ease they are copied here:
Application Number: AWDM/0663/14


Application Number: AWDM/0569/14,
AWDM/0603/14 & AWDM/0661/14


If you’ve got the stamina to read that lot – we’ve relied on what’s said on streetlife – then it seems the councils planning committee were under a lot of pressure from the multinational developers to hurry up as they granted permission before all the issues with the development were sorted out.  Minor things like 'will the sewage system be able to cope'. The flooding issue. Will the estate roads be wide enough if cars and busses meet etc? The committee had to delegate those and other important issues to council officers to sort out with the developers.
But hay-ho life goes on and there’s always the possibility if the rain continues the developers and their equipment will be swallowed up by the swamp they’re trying to drain.

October 29, 2014.
We’re sorry this blog has not been updated for so long, but we can now tell you that after many years of fighting this development there only remains 3 applications for the council to pass. Sadly from what we witnessed at the planning committee meeting Wednesday, 15 October those 3 applications will be approved and the Greenfields will be lost very soon.

Therefore we have decided to cease updating this blog, however if anything arises an e-mail will be sent. If you are not on our email list please contact us at. dontoverdevelopdurrington[at] Replacing [at] with the usual symbol.

20th April 2012
It looks as though things are going to get interesting in Northbrook in the lead up to the 3rd May election. A Facebook page has been set up taking to task Mary Harding and her Party for allowing the development. See:

16th April 2012 
We are pleased to let you know that William Morris of the Green Party is to stand for election in the Northbrook (Titnore) Ward at the local elections on Thursday May 3rd.
William supported the long running campaign to prevent the ancient woods and green fields from being trashed by the development he also visited the campaigners in the woods many times.

5th April 2012
Watch this space for an important announcement regarding the May 3rd local election in Worthing.
As many of you will know the council dismissed objections from those who elect them and approved the development at a planning meeting October 20, 2011.

15th October 2011
6pm Thursday, 20th October in the council chamber at Worthing Town Hall is when the planning committee will start the procedure for deciding whether 700+ houses are built on the farmland north of Tesco. This is a meeting in public (as they Say!) and it’s very important that everyone attends to show the committee the strength of feeling there is against this development.

In fact to ensure there is a good turnout why not let your neighbours, even your road know about the council meeting – a sample note is below.
Finally to plan for that council meeting we are holding a strategy meeting at the Lamb pub (roundabout New / Salvington Road) starting at 7.30pm Tuesday, 18th October all are welcome.

Sample note.

Dear neighbour,

This is to let you know that the development of 700+ houses on the farmland north of Tesco will be decided at a council meeting starting at 6pm Thursday, 20th October.
If you care about our local countryside please make every effort to attend this PUBLIC meeting. The more who attend the more likely the development can be stopped.

11th October.
Please note!! The planning application will be determined on 20th October in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall starting at 6.00pm.

So now we better get our skates on. Will all those who wish to address the planning committee please let me know urgently so that I can book a room at the community centre to plan with you our presentation to the committee. Also we need to do a leaflet drop around the area near to the development site so if you can help deliver some leaflets again please let me know.

Finally there’s still time to object if you haven’t already done so. Address and all you need just click this link: 
We have the strength in numbers to stop this development – we will win!

14th September.
The most likely date for the development to come before the planning committee is now October 20th. However this date is dependant on a suitable venue being found and whether this means it will be held in Durrington only time will tell.

2nd September.
The planning committee will not be meeting this Wednesday to determine the development application. In fact it seems no one at the council is able to say when it will come up. However as night follows day it will, so watch this space. I expect you have all seen the fantastic press coverage our meeting received – front page in the West Sussex Gazette and prominent in the Worthing Herald considering this issue as expected mainly covered the Rotary Fair. For those who haven’t seen the report – or haven’t yet voted against the development - follow this link

A special vote of thanks to all those of you who wrote and to those who had letters in the printed copies, to those still thinking about writing – lets keep the issue going, the more letters there are the more interest we will get from the press. TV is next! As mentioned before we have quite a few who are not on e-mail but who want updates. Therefore so as not to overload those who have already printed out and delivered the first update, would those of you who live in the Adur Ave, New Rd, Tasman Way, Varey Rd, Carisbrooke Dr, Cypress Ave, Rogate road and High St Tarring areas, please offer to print and deliver a maximum of 4.